Friday, November 2, 2007

We're So Screwed

That could be the name of a new song sung to the tune of "You're so Vein."

I was just on my town's forum where a new member was posting about her business. It touted itself as selling "heirloom style products that strengthen family ties." Sounds nice. Even a bit like Mayberry. Heck, at first blush, I'm thinking "sign me up"!! But then it occurred to me, heirlooms are developed, not bought. I cannot go to Sears today and buy an heirloom that means anything to my family. I can, however, look at a Hummel that my father gave my grandmother, that he bought in Germany in 1960 and say, "gosh, that's an heirloom." Four generations of my family have experienced it. Or the wooden camel ottoman that he bought in Turkey during the same tour. Me, my cousins, their kids, and my kids have all ridden on that silly thing as though it was real. Again, four generations. But, alas, in our "have it now" immediate-gratification society, we can no longer wait for an heirloom to form. We must go market them and buy them.

Several of us remarked that you cannot buy heirlooms. I even added that it's probably like other Chinese made crap found in catalogs for pennies on the dollar. Chances are it was made in some substandard factory with leaded paint by exploited children. You would've thought I ran over this lady's dog. With two SUVs.

I didn't realize that my opinion, since counter to hers, was both narrow, prejudicial, AND egotistical all at once.

She is the perfect example of the expression: ignorance is bliss. Frankly, I don't care what she wants to sell or buy. If she can make a success of it and herself, more power to her. That's the beauty of a free market capitalist society. The marks of a socialist or fascist society is one in which free speech and contradictory opinions are slighted or banned.

With that stage set, take a moment to look at the upcoming presidential election. In this corner, at a shrill 145 lbs, Shrillary "The Hun" Clinton. Backing her is Obama "The Magic Negro" and John "Breck Girl" Edwards.

In the opposite corner, Rudy "The RINO" Guillllliiiiiaaaaannnnniiiiiii! Supported by Mitt "The Mormon Monstrosity" Rommmmmnnnneeeeeyyyyy and Fred "Sleepy" Thompson.

As I stand back and look at my choices, I consider my own thoughts from prior elections. Thoughts like: this is the most important election of all time. And of the choices available, especially the last time, Jorge Bush was probably the lesser of all evils, but evil nonetheless. Not one of these individuals is a staunch, unabashed supporter of the Constitution. Not even Bush. And as each of these might be called upon to uphold the Constitution, they should be tried for treason at the first hint of waffling. This includes Bush.

Yet sadly, the majority of the US population is likely similar to this woman who got her dainties in a twist because I insulted her industry. She only sees part of the picture - the part she wants to see. Damn the torpedoes - as long as my myopic perspective works for me, then who cares how it impacts the next generation. Hmmm, for someone sold on selling heirlooms, this mentality is certainly leaving a lousy one for our grandchildren.

But hey, ignorance is bliss. And, "we're so screwed."

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