Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stupid People Suck

Eddie Murphy had a line in one of the Beverly Hills Cop movies where someone supposedly did #2 in the pool and he yelled out "whoever sh** in the pool f***ed it up for everybody." That is so true of our society.

I realize that the job of the news is to report the bad - good news just doesn't sell for some reason. The above link is to a story of a two-time drunk driver killing a motorcyclist last night. Have you ever noticed that it doesn't matter how many laws are on the books, they will be broken? They don't serve as a deterrent. Perhaps its their lack of teeth. Or maybe it's the idiocy of sentencing guidelines. Or maybe it's the damn constitutional freedom from cruel or unusual punishment. Here's a thought: dole out a severe enough punishment often enough and it won't be "unusual." I don't typically advocate anything about militant Islam, but that whole lashing thing seems to be pretty effective. So does hand removal for theft. If judges were left with more options and more discretion, perhaps the criminals would be less inclined to repeat their behavior. There again, if more crimes carried the death penalty with public hanging, stocks, etc., the prison population would be reduced. Nero, that insane Roman emperor, used to use Christians to illuminate the city streets. Perhaps if every city had a lovely "Walk of Shame" with flaming criminals lighting the way, a message would be sent loud, clear, and ah-hmm, BRIGHT.

I cannot count how many times my truck has been broken into and in one instance, stolen. In my past twenty plus years of driving, more than half my cars were burglarized at least once. My house, three times. Yesterday, I discovered that someone stole my USAF license plate. What the hell purpose does that serve? To put it on your 86 Tercel with Wal*Mart clip on spinners? Invariably, you'll get pulled over by the illustrious popo and get hit with having a stolen tag and/or a tag not registered to your vehicle. Smooth move Ex-Lax. I'd be all about allowing the USAF to hunt down the car on the roads and light it up with a pair of sidewinders. That'd be hugely entertaining!!

Some 10,000 brass sprinkler heads have been stolen from area farms in the past year. Why? So the crack heads can take them to the scrap yard to recycle. You would think that the scrap yards would get suspicious, but apparently they don't care. Air conditioners are repeatedly stolen from countless businesses in the "hood" areas of town for their copper. One genius freaked out when the freon escaped in a cloud and he ran to the nearest cop like a frightened school girl. Of course, the brainiac was arrested.

What purpose does SPAM serve other than to clog up Email? Who do you know that has EVER responded to a SPAM solicitation? Responding ought to be as much of a crime as actually generating it. But, the result is SPAM filtering that in many cases prevents legitimate Emails from reaching their intended recipients. You have to advise the recipient to put your address in their "approved" list. Gee, if I have to pick up the phone and call them with that morsel of info, it'd be easier just to tell them whatever I had wanted to Email.

I even learned last night that the teenage girls at my church, who wanted to paint their classroom (which they use twice a week for a few hours at a time), got into a whiny, diva pissing match with each other and their mothers over which shade of pink to paint the room. Who gives a crap? It's not like it's their bedroom. Pick a color and call it a day. Were they my kids, I'd veto the whole thing and paint it blue - just because I could. And all because one entitlement-minded snot-nosed teenager and her mommy can ruin it for everyone.

Pick an issue and I can show you how one rocket-surgeon jacked it up for everyone. How about holidays? No longer can a so-called Christian nation celebrate Christmas (or X-mas), it's RamaHanuKwanzMas - except for the atheists who have to wait for April 1 for their annual holiday. Show me one bit of "good" in this world, and I'll show you how some moron is trying to mess it up.

Wake up, People.

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