Saturday, November 17, 2007

Get Yer Pitchforks!!!

It's a witch hunt!! We're going to slaughter every last cultural icon on the altar of Political Correctness if it . . . well . . . if it kills US!!

First, on a barely light note, our beloved, albeit fictitious, Santa Claus in Australia was instructed to no longer chortle with "ho ho ho" as it may frighten children and offend women. Instead, his caricatures must say "ha ha ha." How about "duh duh duh," I ask. Santa has been around far longer than political correctness and let's face it: He's an old dude. And most old guys get a pass on their antiquated figures of speech. Young black guys can call each other "nigga" with no remorse or retribution. White guys can call each other "cracka" with similar immunity, although the term "Florida Cracker" actually came from cattle herders throughout the state that used whips to git their doggies along. The crack of the whip earned them that name. But apparently since Don Imus, in typical fashion, referred to the Rutgers Womens' Basketball team as "nappy headed hos" the term "ho" is now potentially offensive irrespective of whether it's in reference to a wintry character's (don't want to offend anyone by referring to the C-holiday) chortle, a female with nappy hair, a woman of ill-repute, or the latter third of the state Ida's name. Guess we'll be eatin' taters from Ida now . . . wouldn't want to frighten lil chilrens or women whom now, according to the Australians, lack the mental and emotional fortitude to tolerate the age-old chortle from an age-old fart in a goofy red suit.

In today's news of the ludicrous, a Halloween costume award may keep the highly qualified Julie Myers from receiving the Senate's nod of approval to maintain the post of Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement - a position to which she was appointed in 2005 during a Senate recess.

I cannot fathom why anyone would actually sign on to be a democrat. I've never seen a bunch of people walking around with sticks up their butts looking to wreck everything for everyone like they do. Talk about pandering to the lowest common denominator of the fraction of some disenfranchised minority. Seriously, if democrats didn't keep inventing victims, they'd have a constituency, counting themselves, of about 447, give or take.

The brouhaha stems from a costume contest at the agency (ICE) where she and two other managers awarded the "most original" costume to a cracka, er, an Anglo-Saxon homosapien of male persuasion wearing dark make-up, dreads, and a prison outfit. Insert whiny liberal voice here: "that's insensitive to colored folk who like to wear their hair in a certain way while wearing orange coveralls." Which turnip truck did Harry Reid (liberal hack, Nev.) fall off? Does he so quickly forget that his colleague Robert C. Byrd of West-by-god-Virgina was A FREAKIN KLANSMAN???? As in KKK. The Kracka Kuntree Klub? Byrd probably tied a few knots himself in his day, but shhhh, "he is enlightened now." Oh, WHAT . . . EVER.

Never mind the fact that the "National Association of African-Americans in the Department of Homeland Security" sent a letter to Reid this week praising Myer's commitment to black employees. OK, that's all well and good, but why does HSA need an association for black employees? Do they have one for crackas too? What about Asians for the Ethical Treatment of Panda Bears, the AETPB? Or one for liberal employees called Democratic Unification of Minorities (DUM)?

Sen. Claire McCaskill, (liberal hack, Mo.) says she "can forgive anyone who apologizes for a wrong deed." "But it doesn't change the fact that the incident showed a woeful lack of judgment." Once again, without liberalism, we wouldn't have mediocrity. These folks are the kings and queens of androgyny, homogenization, and pasteurization of society. If it isn't genderless, religious-less, plain, and unremarkable, it's b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-d. It's freakin Halloween, People. Get over yourselves for five seconds. Even the French, in a country synonymous with "whine" (and wine) can be pragmatic every now and again. The poor guy couldn't dress up as the Easter Bunny (even though the term "Easter" has pagan origins), St. Patrick (sounds too Catholic), St. Valentine (Catholic and possibly gay), George Washington (too white and a Mason), Yankee Doodle (has a song about dandy doodles - could be misconstrued as unlawful harassment), or a Pilgrim (again, too white and they were mean to the Native Americans). So really, what was left? I guess if he dressed in a Klan outfit he'd have been ok with the Libs. Hey, it works for Byrd . . .

Poor Julie. Try the private sector, ma'am. It hasn't devolved THAT far yet. And the pay is marginally better. At least until your naysayers get into office and tax us to death.

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