Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Matrix was Right

Remember the Matrix trilogy? The basic premise was that the world that we perceive is merely that: a perception. In reality, humanity served to provide battery power to a world of androids. Basically, the perception was better than the reality. Unfortunately, there were a few holes in the concept since it failed to account for the realities of those outside the Western world. Call me crazy - folks often do - but the perception of living in some bucket of crap country with flies swarming my bloated abdomen doesn't seem too appealing. But, hey, not my movie series, so not my issue.

What I have come to conclude, however, is that humanity is universally incapable of co-existing with itself. Science tells us that homo sapiens are social creatures and require family groups in which to live and thrive. I disagree. (Although the alternative leads to the same problem, so this is mostly just a rant about futility.)

From the dawn of time, man has been at odds. In Judeo-Christian speak, man was at odds with God shortly after being created. Then man was at odds with man: Adam blamed Eve for eating the fruit that the serpent suggested she eat - never mind the fact that she neglected to realize it was a snake to whom she was talking. Then one of their sons killed his brother.

Historically, documents had to be marked with a wax droplet and the imprint of the king's signet ring to be official and binding. Despite this, the contract subscribers would breach their contract and wars would be fought. First on a battlefield, and later in court.

Yet now, our courts don't actually argue the issues so much as they argue about which party wrote the agreement better and what the definition of "is" is. Whether you buy a car, a house, a washing machine, or for some absolutely insane reason, decide to wed, you enter into a binding agreement. In the former instances, the tenets of that agreement are generally clear as to the obligations of both parties. In the latter, not so much. It is far easier to wed than to divorce; and hence why I posit that if you are foolish enough to want to get married, you should first attend mandatory schooling on the process of reversing that 59% odds of a bad decision.

The size of our world's militaries, police departments, and prison systems are concrete evidence that man cannot get along. Man is worse than a cancer. At least cancer cells work together to achieve their end.

I recall a time when I was young, naive, and otherwise foolish enough to think that things were not this way and that mankind was generally good. Some may read this and conclude that I am "just an angry person." In truth, I'm not angry. I'm past that. I like to think that I somewhere between disillusioned and totally indifferent.

The alternative to which I alluded in my opening was for a planet of six billion hermits. Yet, that's not a very practical solution as invariably in our inability to get along, we'll be back to fighting wars and establishing alliances over which ogre gets which tree in which swamp. So to those select few who have somehow managed to achieve your absolute isolation, I salute you. Ironically, your isolation precludes you from reading this and therefore you lack the awareness of your envious fan amongst this dysfunctional experiment we politely call "society." To the rest of you, don't expect to read too many more blogs. My disgust with people is now fully fomented.

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