Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Lub Dis Kuntree

Well, I can say that I don't care, but somehow I still have a glimmer of idealism within me that says "you cannot give up." I hate that about myself.

This all might seem a little disjointed as you read it, but trust me that there is a point.

First, all my ranting the other day about Disney and the images that they cast for us has yet again been personified this week. The High School Musical starlet who admitted to nude photos of her being real has likely lost her career as an HSM actress. As a role model for young girls, I tend to agree with Disney's stance. Even IF the photos were intended solely for her HSM2 boyfriend, it was a bad idea to take them. Furthermore, it certainly implies that he would be interested in seeing such photos, so should he not suffer the same fate as her? Or is there a double-standard at Disney? Gee, that'd be a first. Then, Britney surfaces again at the VMAs in what amounted to a train-wreck performance. What amazed me is all the people that ridiculed her for being "fat." She was not fat. Countless moms would kill to have her figure, albeit less svelte than before dropping two kids. The outfit was skanky and her performance would have bored nursing home residents, but she was not fat. To suggest that she was yet again tells young girls that you have to be scrawny like an Olsen twin to be attractive. http://omg.yahoo.com/is-it-fair-to-savage-britneys-figure/news/2324

This weekend, whilst grocery shopping amongst carnies and hordes of illegals, I noticed two older folks in VFW T-shirts. I thought aloud to myself, "isn't that redundant"? After all, the last domestic war we fought was in the 1860s. Every war since then has been "foreign." So Veterans of War would be aptly descriptive. However, that observation may prove itself to be short-lived as we re-mourn the loss of life that is marked by the 6th anniversary of 9/11/01. Not just those who died that day in planes and buildings, but those who died later from lung diseases and injuries from rescue accidents and the soldiers who have died fighting a war against a largely faceless enemy. Radical Islam wants us dead as much as ever and there's evidence to suggest that they are now willing to kill up to two million American children to bring that war to our streets and homes. Those who think 9/11 was bad will consider it a mere preamble to the mayhem that will ensue should terror strike at the heart of this nation. Hell hath no fury like parents torn from their young.

A whole new kind of witch hunt will follow; and those who practice the so-called peaceful sort of Islam and those who are its mouthpiece (e.g., CAIR) should take note. Unlike many other nations, the people of this one are armed. And in the heartland and the rural areas across this land, there are plenty who would not think twice about profiling. I've seen too many "terrorist hunting permits" on pick-up trucks to think that there will not be more than a few pissed off rednecks. If you think public lynchings are ancient history, think again. Let one hair of an American child be harmed in the name of Allah, and lynchings will likely be the better way to go.

Radical extremism brought this war to our soil; radical Islam will cement America's fury. Today, we worry again with the things of 9/10/01 like what Britney is wearing (or not wearing) and how a Disney star revealed that she is indeed human. And to any doubters, also female. A few of us are remembering 9/11/01 with services and flags at half mast.

But dare I say that the sleeping giant is groggy again. Yet when (not IF) we are attacked again, it will not be pretty. And all bets will be off. Six years of being told how we need to seek to understand these disenfranchised souls has taken it's toll.

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