Thursday, September 20, 2007

Darwin Awards

For as much as scientists and politicians like to embrace an atheistic, evolutionary view of the world, they only seem to do so when it's convenient and politically advantageous.

In today's news of the annoying, a modern day Noah (like Evan Almighty only different) decided it would be good to make a seed safe deposit box in the side of an Arctic mountain.;_ylt=AkczdEYG04upIOmHo9cHoQcDW7oF
It only stands to reason that he hails from the same state as Al Gore - it's really hard to believe Fred Thompson hasn't dissociated himself from that eastern land of liberal hacks yet.

Ironically, this brilliant idea comes on the heals of a similarly brilliant marijuana growing operation that was recently shut down. Stranger still, the pot was grown in a cave, under a lovely house, with state of the art technology, in . . . Tennessee.

No surprise, that Bill and Melinda Gates have dropped nearly $30mm into this brain-child. They're protecting crop species from extinction and the inability to evolve due to war, natural disaster, and the collective stupidity of those in impoverished nations. Norway is contributing some 50 million crowns ($8.6 million) to build the cavern, a sum which Development Aid Minister Erik Solheim said was a pittance for what is gained. "I consider it a development issue ... Poor African countries have fewer resources to protect their genetic heritage than rich countries," he told Reuters at the site. Hmmm, at the risk of sounding insensitive, wouldn't we want some of these underlying issues to "evolve" out of the human species? Issues like ignorance? The inability to adapt and develop your country? The propensity to war? Seems to me as though if you can't eat, you can't waste time fighting wars. Don't give me the bleeding-heart diversity mantra. Survival of the fittest is a veritable tenet of evolution.

What would we have done for the dinosaurs had we been able to ebb the tide of their extinction? Surely they were a benefit to the biodiversity of the planet. Yet, gasp, the planet seems to be fairing just fine without them. So, using that premise, what's to say that some of us shouldn't be allowed to devolve out of the biological gene pool. Those that cannot sustain their clan or tribe or people group will perish and those that can will not. In theory, that's survival of the fittest.

Are we not interfering with what our dear Mother Nature intended by thwarting her plans? Who are we to challenge the creator, whether we embrace intelligent design (vis-a-vis God) or evolution from primordial ooze? Both seem to require a great deal of faith and the reality is that in neither instance are we the masters of our existence.

So, a gigantic walk-in safe deposit box freezer for seeds so people don't kill themselves off. Seems like Western do-gooders have become the enablers of global idiocy. Now who needs to evolve??

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