Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Band-Aid Anyone?

OK, so after that last post, my rear is a few sizes smaller as I have been set straight by some in this audience. While to my likely chagrin, I still think I had a point in there, it was perceived as being somewhat biased and critical of the little princesses out there. Oy.

So, in fairness, let me say that it's fine and dandy if the youngsters want to pretend that they are cops and robbers, cowboys and indians (not PC), princesses, dancing fairies, dancing cowboy fairies, or whatever. And if they want to wear superhero shirts or faux royalty tops and tieras, far be it from me to burst their blissfully naive bubble that they know as Utopia.

All I was saying is that "happily ever after" is a bit of a misnomer. I don't think Cinderella had popping zits on the prince's back in mind when she rode away on his white stallion, anymore than today's woman has pulling in-grown butt hairs in mind when she rides off on the white motorcycle. I bet that Sleeping Beauty had no clue that there would be mortgages to pay, cell phone bills, dirty diapers, and meals to prepare anymore than today's woman is ready to carry water in a pot on her head, take the clothes down to the river to wash, or cut wood to fire the ovens for the day's loaf. I'm just sayin . . .

Wearing a princess outfit does not make the little darling a princess. Wearing reptile gear doesn't make the little charmer a mutant ninja. And wearing Toby Keith shirts doesn't make me white trash with money . . . it makes Toby that. I'm just white trash in a Toby shirt. However, if these mindsets are allowed to gel without proper parental nurture, THEN the little darlings and charmers may be ill-suited for that which awaits them in the real world.

There's happy - that's for certain. But it will be peppered with not-so-much from time to time. Let them be little - they grow up too fast (a wise woman promptly pounded that into me). But be watchful that their fantasy doesn't not take root into your reality.


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