Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Choosing My Torture

I have concluded that I am most likely to die in one of three ways. Two of those are heart attack or stroke. And given my ire at the moment, it may happen before I finish typing.

I watched Glenn Beck's segment on the "Perfect Day" last night and am sickened by the horrors at Beslan. Intelligence sources are indicating now that a worse version of Beslan is to come in the USA. Teenage girls were raped with gun barrels. Mothers were forced to cool and hydrate their children with urine as they endured days of 100 degree plus temperatures and madmen strung bombs over their heads in the name of Allah. At the risk of angering the real God whom I have never associated with Allah or any other false-deity (hey, it's MY blog and I can say what I want), I'm sick to death of Allah and his crony Muhammad and the zealots who think they are acting on their behalf.

There are lots of "religious wars" in the old testament, but nowhere will you find rape and torture as being endorsed by God. Like those who riot by burning cars and houses and stores in their own neighborhood for perceived injustices, I fail to see how these Islamofacsists can think that their actions are helping their cause.

First, they attack our country on 9/11. Then they whine when they get profiled in society. And then they plan to attack again and use our retaliation as their justification for doing so. Huh??? That's like taunting a dog, getting your hand chewed off, then blaming the dog.

It's odd to me that we don't hear of Christians or Jews or Buddhists or atheists attacking the infidels of their respective faiths. How sad that even the godless know better than the Allah-freaks. From time to time, there may be the rogue who carries out an attack, but it's not a global scale jihad. It's a zealot who usually ends up getting himself killed or convicted or both.

The saddest aspect of this is how we've let political correctness frame our everyday life. This link is to a mock-up of stories that may have been written had we foiled the 9/11 attacks. They are alarmingly too true.

We've all but forgotten the pain and the patriotism that followed after 9/11. Need we incur another loss of even greater proportion for our memories to remain clear?

Pay attention. It's coming.

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