Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Public Screwal System

Let's just call these things for what they are: Government Indoctrination Camps. Those who pay property taxes already see a portion of their annual mandatory "contribution" funding schools, whether they have kids in them or not. Singles, retirees, families - it's paid as part of the infrastructure that has made this state too expensive to live in already. (Don't get me started on insurance.)

When a new school is built, it is built without some of the more basic components one would think to be "standard" for a school. Things like: a sign, Band supplies when the school offers a Band class, playground equipment, etc. Indeed, it is up to the PTA to raise the necessary funds to acquire these necessities.

But wait, there's more! Every school year begins with a list of necessary school supplies that goes well beyond the 4 Ps: pen, paper, pencils, and paste. It's four boxes of crayons, two bottles of glue, five notebooks. And, "please don't write your child's name on the supplies." Even the kid who likes to eat the glue won't go through two bottles! Translation: not only are we inadequately or unwisely funded, but we realize that there will be those among our student base to whom we will have to provide the basics. I can only conclude that this will be a small percentage of the legitimately needy and a larger portion of those spawned by illegals or barely legals. And how odd, the only supply lists available at Wal*Mart are those written in espanol - which says to me that only those who speak and read English are buying the supplies and hence why we are buying extras for the aliens (and not the extra-terrestial ones).

Conveniently, these lists all say "optional" at the top. Perhaps they should be optional for the taxpayers who already contribute but mandatory for the societal leeches sucking the lifeblood out of our social programs.

For as much sense as this fails to make, the so-called uniform policies are hardly uniform. It should be dubbed something like "mandatory suggested attire maybe if you want to wear it or maybe not." Polo shirts in virtually every color of the rainbow, school t-shirts, denim, khaki, blue, polka-dot, striped bottoms. Last time I checked, uniform was a fairly limiting term. One or two shirt options and one or two bottom options. That's what makes it UNIFORM. I suspect the idea is to limit distractions by some kids being dressed inappropriately or indecently or wearing inflammatory t-shirts. However, the wheat can still be separated from the chaff based on personal grooming and how the children carry themselves.

When, WHEN!! are we going to wake up and realize that we're not-so-slowly watching our personal freedoms erode at the hand of socialism and wealth re-distribution? When will we shut down the borders and "alienate" the illegal aliens by precluding them access to social programs and public education? Proof of citizenship should be validated when registering for school. Law enforcement should be standing by ready to detain, arrest, and deport anyone who is non-compliant. Alternatively, when the children are discovered truant, the same should take place.

The laws of this land should be applied more uniformly than the school uniforms; if that means more people have to perform more menial work, so be it. At least the jobs will be available for those willing to do them.

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