Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pit Vipers Do Not Make Good Pets

So I was thinking today that I would get my kids a Timber Rattler as an early Christmas present. But I won't call it a Rattler. That's too ominous. No, I think I'll call it a fuzzy bunny. I mean, it has venom sacks and fangs and rattles. And it's meaner than me on a good day, but if I call it a fuzzy bunny, I think I can improve relations and reduce hostilities. Ok, so maybe the kids still get bit and die, but hey, fuzzy bunny didn't know any better. He's still a viper, after all.

Of course, I guess I could also convert to Catholicism and have a priest, padre, pedophile, whatever they want to be called, sprinkle me with some holy tap water from a wooden salt shaker and tell me that I was once a protestant and am now a Catholic. But on Friday night, it'll still be a steak on the barbie because I've yet to find a biblical prohibition to it.

Which brings me to Bishop Tiny Muskens in the Netherlands. At the risk of going straight to Hades, do not pass Purgatory, do not collect $200, what the "hell" is he thinking? Let's call God "Allah" because it'll help make nice with the Muslims? Call me crazy - folks often do - but somehow I don't think that what Westerners call God is the real catalyst for jihad. In fact, I suspect that those most set in their intention to destroy the West will find this as another "blasphemy" worthy of their crusade to rid the world of the Infidel virus.

As I understand it, priests and bishops are reasonably educated people. In theory, they are taught to think critically and to analyze what they see, hear, and read. Heck, if a man is able to pardon my sins on behalf of God, er, I mean Allah, shouldn't he also be smart enough (i.e., omnipotent enough) to know that whether we call Him Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh, God, Jesus, or Hank is of nominal consequence to those who seek to kill us? I do not mean to seem blasphemous with the Hank comment . . . nay, my point is to stimulate reflection on the outcome of the good bishop's suggestion. He is still on the A-List for those that the radical Islamists wish to kill.

As the world crumbles around us, why are we content to sit back and think of words that will make the crazies feel better? The US economy is leading the global economy into a possible recession or depression, Iran is buddying up with Al Qaeda, and China is trying to poison our children when they aren't flooding the market with US dollars . . . but let's call God "Allah." That'll make it all better.

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