Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fast and Furious - Clearwater Drift

Oh, Hulk. You seem like such a nice guy; I went to school with your niece (when she showed up for school). But dude, what's up with your parental skills? I'm no parenting expert - just ask my kids - but Nick would be riding a Schwinn before I let him drive again. I'm no driving expert either - I've had my share of speeding tickets.

Somewhere along the line, I think that you wound up with more dollars than sense. And with that kind of coin, you could afford a sweet truck and trailer for him to take his car(s) to the track. I don't recall hearing of any NASCAR drivers routinely abusing the highways and city streets. I do recall hearing of a South American race car driver who lost his license for being an habitual offender.

Given Nick's age, I would think that the State would have to conclude that he's also habitual. He bragged about being pulled over three times within an hour on the same road!! His speeds should have all mandated court appearances. At what point, Hulk, are you going to man-up and parent this kid? He's your kid, not your pal. And it's time he knew who was in charge. As his father, you can also control his purse-strings and his privileges.

But now, aside from putting countless others at risk by letting him continue to show-boat, you've placed a US Marine in the hospital with a less than promising prognosis. Sure, it was Nick's fault. But it IS your responsibility. His blood is on YOUR hands for not having taken charge when you should have. To an extent, I think you realize that between having lawyered-up and having commented on your show about his driving being worrisome. Ya think?!

Even if you and yours manage to weasel out of this one too, and hopefully his friend survives and recovers fully, no amount of money can replace good parenting. If your kid wants to race, help him do so safely and responsibly on a track; maybe he can make a career of it. That presumes that this all works out. If not, he may be stamping license plates that say "Dad E $$" or "2FAST4U."

In the meantime, you might suggest that your daughter wear less revealing clothes. If her voice is her asset, then the other "assets" can be kept under wraps for a wee bit longer, BRUTHHERRRRRR!!

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